Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TommyKnocker Beers

So that I may appease some readers, I am finally posting my notes from last Friday's beer tasting at Jungle Jim's. The brewery up for the tasting was TommyKnocker from Idaho Spring, Colorado.

Black Power Stout
Poured via a Nitrogen injection system, this was the first beer up. It has a malty sweet aroma and the head gave hints of bread. Mid mouth it was clean and had a sweet finish. Low in alcohol at 5.6%, it is smooth enough to be a sipping stout. No harsh tones. Was my second favorite of the night.

Jack Whacker Wheat Ale
I'm not a big fan of wheat beers, but this one had two interesting differences. First is the noticeable addition of lemon grass to give it a slightly sour and citrus taste. This beer would liven up a bit with some orange squeezed in. The second is that it is clear. This added a level of refreshment quite often missing in wheats due to the yeast. This would make a good summer beer.

Alpine Glacier Lager
A Canadian style lager south of the border? Yep! This refreshing and light lager shows a yellow beer can have flavor and be refreshing. For anyone looking to move up from the mass produced garbage of A-B and company and not get blown away, this lager is for you. Definitely a stepping beer to greater things, this lager starts, feels and finishes clean. The nose is a little fruity from the hops, but it is all balanced.

Ornery Amber Lager
Finally a good Vienna style lager that's not Negra Modelo. This example of a nearly forgotten style of lager is a bit sweet and orange in color. The Hallertau hops and Crystal malt are quite noticeable in this lager. This one is not good to drink alone, but would completement most spicy food well. This lager tied with the Maple Nut Brown as my third favorite one of the night.

Maple Nut Brown Ale
With 3.5 gallons of Maple Syrup (grade B) in every barrel (that's 31 gallons), this one will have you reaching for pancakes. This one takes "breakfast beer" to a whole new place. The maple flavor is quite noticeable, but not overly sweet due to the grade of syrup. The syrup is added after fermentation, so the ABV is low at 4.5%. The sweetness is well-balanced against the Munich and chocolate malts.

Pick Axe Pale Ale
Tone down an IPA and you get an EPA (or an APA, depending on which you read). Similarly to the Alpine Glacier, this is a good introduction to ales. It is hoppier and more bitter at 40 IBU than the pale lager. There are hops on the nose and the malty balance levels out the finish. The hops are a blend and gives a unique flavor. For those wanting to try an ale for the first time, this is a good place to start.

Butt Head Bock
Now we are starting to kick it up a notch with this one. Hallertau hops and a hint of malt sweetness meet the nose. This double bock delivers a blance of caramel, chocolate and Munich malts, complimented by the Hallertau. Had it not been for the oaked version of this beer, this would have been my favorite of the night.

Oaked Butt Head Bock
Start with a good double bock, then add oak all over the place. Put oak chips in the mash tun and the boil kettle; put rods in the fermentor; oak it everywhere. The smoked Hungarian oak used throughout the process brings not only oak overtones, but hints of vanilla as well. It gives the bock a velvet feel and will have you sippin' for more. The best beer of the night.


  1. I haven't heard of half of their name. This part of the world is not known for Beers of this brand and taste.

    Suoerb work Beer lover :-)

  2. Thanks for the comments. What is your part of the world?