Saturday, April 11, 2009

Irish Red in the Bottle

I racked and bottled the Irish Red today. The aroma from the fermentor was quite nice. It's color was a little more brown than red for an estimated SRM of 15.5. Next time, I'll steep the roasted barley and Crystal malt separately and try a 40L on the Crystal. The final SG was 1.010 giving about a 7% ABV. It would be nice if I could measure the ABV more trully.

Last night was beer tasting at Jungle Jim's. The brewery this time was TommyKnocker. The beers were quite good and even. The Black Power Stout was on draft with a Nitrogen injection system. It really helps to sit at the table next to the tap and to know the guys running the place (well, ok, our table has developed a bit of a reputation and this is why I give the guys at JJ's some of my homebrew). I'll dig out my notes and post a review of the beers after I've cleaned everything up, or perhaps tomorrow.

The barley wine continues to settle. Gas gets pushed out the airlock about once every 15-20 seconds. I'll give it at least another week before trying to bottle it. It is starting to clear up more and it has a nice deep brown color. Time will tell if it has been worth the effort.

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