Monday, April 6, 2009

Needs some work

Tried the Oatmeal stout again. It is getting better, but there are several unbalanced items. The alcohol is quite noticeable, the hop bitterness is a bit too high and there seems to be some tannins from the grains. I only cracked the grains in this run and sparged after steeping. Next time I'll crush the grains and steep only. I will also review the recipe to make sure the hops are not too high. Reviewing other stout recipes will help too. The oatmeal is contributing nicely to the head and feel of the beer. The other parts needs some work. The beer is quite drinkable, but not up to what I know I can do.


  1. Hahahaa! *wipes tear* I thought this was a 3D drawing blog.. (sorry) I thought I would just say "HI!", and be on my way....

  2. Thanks for stopping by and come again anytime.