Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Bad Penny

When I started this blog I had all manner of crazy ideas running through my head. Surely this would lead to great glory and homebrew Nirvana. Over the first few months, my postings were timely and regular, but over time, that grew away. Not too long ago I started writing for Examiner.com as the Cincinnati Craft Beer Examiner. There too I started with abandon, but eventually events in real life caught up.

One of these events was a virus that took out my Windows machine. It now runs Ubuntu 64 Linux and I've switched to Mac, but for whatever reason I did not get my recipes from BeerSmith recovered. I have spent a few weeks wallowing in sorrow when I remembered I may have shared these recipes with the masses via my blog. Sure enough, the earlier ones are here. I don't recall if I made any changes off-line, but at least I have the starting recipes. Now it is time to brew Cluster-Fuggles Ale again.

So thanks, kind reader. You are the reason I shared some of my recipes and you are the reason I can get some of them back. I should endeavor to share more often should I need to call of this blog as a backup again.