Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bashah me mate

bashah is another in what seems to be becoming a line of great collaborative beers betwixt Stone and Brew Dog. Similar to the Black Pilsner, this one is a black Belgian Double IPA. This is quite a cross of styles and is befitting the efforts of two very good breweries.

On the pour, bashah is dark, dark brown with a medium brown head. A deep breath brings an assault to the nose; a mixture of hops and what seems to be whiskey. There is also the scent of Carafa malt, as is fitting a beer with Belgian influence.

The tip of the tongue is meet with the bitterness the nose portrays. As the beer washes to mid-tongue, the bitterness is a blend of hops and roasted malt. The feel is more like an extra stout, but with hops. The hop bitterness gives play to its double IPA roots, while the roasted flavor comes from the generous chocolate malt on the grain bill. There are no discernible yeast esters, so I am not sure where the Belgian portion is, apart from the Carafa malt.

The finish is like a stout, with hints of whiskey. Not sure if this beer was aged in whiskey barrels, but it sure seems to be. The 8.6% ABV gives a nice warm feeling, but not too much. This is no session beer, but would be nice with a cleansing cheese.