Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tasting notes from 21 Aug 2009 - Part I

Friday, the 21st of August, a few of us gathered at a friends' house to help them make a dent into their beer store. The list is long enough to break into parts. Just how many parts will depend of how I far I get and when I feel like stopping. My notes are not too detailed, so the reviews will be short. Two beers that will not be included are my Cluster-Fuggles ale and "It's the Abbey" Ale. I will also include my rating out of 10.

New Glarus - Organic Revolution

An interesting place to start. Starts with a yeast smell, much like fresh bread. Hops are also on the nose. It is an interesting combination. Mid-mouth, it turns a bit malty and this stays through the finish. Solid 7

Heavy Seas - Holy Sheet

Traces of alcohol and sweetness on the nose. Not too bad. Balance is ok through mid, while there is a slight alcohol burn on the finish. 7

Steinhaus - Frugal Joe's Ordinary Beer

Unless this one went really bad, from the pour, one has to wonder why Steinhaus bothered to bottle this. If you think Budweiser is great beer, you might like this, but I wrote one word for this: Ugh. 2

Schlafly - Export IPA

For an IPA, this one is quite malty. There is a hint of hops on the nose, but that's about it. Usually IPA's have a big punch from the hops, but this one doesn't. Perhaps this is what an IPA is like after it has spent 3 months at sea going from England to India. 8

This one starts with hops on the nose and clean on the front of the tongue. Mid-mouth is a little malty with no real surprises. 9

Boulevard Brewing - Double-Wide IPA

Hoppy nose on this one, more like an IPA should be. Mid-mouth is clean and the hops are noticed on the finish. 8

Stout aged in barrels that held 12 year old Scotch. Definite stout nose with nice aromas from the roasted malts. Slight Scotch aroma and flavor. 9

Stout aged in barrels that held 16 year old Scotch. Smooth feel and quite chocolaty. Scotch a bit more noticeable over the 12 year old. 9

Stout aged in barrels that held 30 year old Scotch. Stout side of nose nearly gone. Taste is a wonderful blend of Scotch and roasted malt. This is one you side for days. 9

Pearl Street Brewing - Dankenstein IPA

Hops hit the nose nicely like an IPA should. It starts hoppy and it stays there all the way to the finish. A decent IPA. 7

Boulevard Brewing - Single-Wide IPA

Hops are on the nose and there is slight bitterness mid-mouth. Actually has a bit more IPA character than the double-wide, but not enough for what is expected of an IPA. 7

That's enough for part I. All post the over 11 at some other time. Don't forget that Friday, the 28th is Two Brothers Brewery tasting at Jungle Jim's.

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