Friday, August 7, 2009

On the road again

We are mostly packed and ready to head to Richmond, Virginia in the morning. A week's vacation at the in-laws. I hope I can relax a bit.

The black ale will spend at least one more week in the secondary. The chance to bottle just didn't present itself this past week. I cleaned and sanitized the airlock yesterday. The ale seems to be progressing nicely. Hopefully it will not get too warm while we are gone.

Recently I had some of my Cluster-Fuggles out of reused Sam Adams bottles. Some are ok, but some have an awful smell and taste just as bad. Something may have been in them or I did not sanitize well enough. Hopefully samples I have given do not have this issue.

I have not decided on what I will brew next. The last month or so has been crazy, so trying to find time to do brewing has been difficult. I do have another idea for a recipe circulating in the back of my head. I'm not ready to fire up BeerSmith and get to work, so I'll let it sit and veg a bit. Also, if anyone knows how to better use that software, please let me know. The User Interface is quite odd and annoying most of the time. I know it will do far more than I use, so I don't want money to have been wasted.

I big hello @taptheory: two young guys vlogging about beer. These guys are a bit brash and raw, but that's part of the charm. No real scripts, just off the cuff and open. They've asked me for a possible interview and it sounds like it could be interesting. Now just to find the time to get up to Toledo. Maybe I can turn them on to hoppier beers.

At the end of the month is the beer tasting for Two Brothers Brewery at Jungle Jim's. This brewery sounds interesting, but its three long weeks away.


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