Monday, August 31, 2009

Bock me in the Double

Up today is Sprecher's Premium Double Bock. A beer given to me by a friend of mine to try to inspire better beers out of me. Thanks.

In their infinite wisdom, Sprecher produces 16 ounce bottles. Sure they are twist offs, but I'm willing to overlook it in favour of the full pint of goodness. From the pour, it is as expected, with a light brown head, but the carbonation seems to be artificial. I thought perhaps I had poured too cold, but the impression persisted as it warmed up.

On the nose, sweetness and alcohol are noticed. A quick swirl and there is a hint of bread from the Munich malt. Caramel and Vienna malts mix in the dance of sweetness. On the tip of the tongue is the malty sweetness expected from a bock. There is the slightest hint of hops. Mid tongue, the subtle balance of the hops and the malts dance around. This is a drink to be savored and enjoyed. The finish is clean with the flavor of the Saaz coming forward. There is just enough hop presence left on the palette to make the drinker want more.

A very nice bock indeed.

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