Sunday, August 2, 2009

Raspberry, likes it not

I had meant to do a review of Sprecher's Generation Porter, but after I spat it out, I needed something else. Perhaps the one I had was bad, perhaps it was too old or perhaps it is not for me, at any rate it was VERY sour. Even after pouring and letting it sit a bit, it was still way too sour for me. I like raspberries, but this porter was just too much.

So, what to try in its place? I had a report of some bottles spewing on people from some of the beers I made a few months ago, so I tried another one of those. By the looks of it, this is the kit porter I purchased from Listermann's. It has a nice roasted barley bite, though the hops have toned down quite a bit. Not as sweet as my stout aged into, this beer presents the tongue will somewhat balanced stout bitterness and ale hoppiness. I like it much better than when I made it, but it still has the feel of a kit. A nice introduction to the style; not much more. And no, the bottle did not spew on me.

For the locals, remember that Two Brother's Brewery will be at Jungle Jim's on the 28th of August. Call and let Ed know you are coming. Yeah, I know the new website design blows, that's why I am deep linking.

I was finally able to provide some of my local tasters with bottles of the "It's the Abbey" ale. This one started as a whole grain recipe claiming to be a Chimay clone. I converted it to extract and made my own changes. They liked the results, but stated it needed to age more. Nice. I'll do just that.

The Cluster-Fuggles ale has been a big hit. I will make this again soon, with just minor tweaks to the hop schedule. I want to see if I can start to brew some consistency into my beers. The barley wine will also get a second running soon. I need to ferment it before it gets too cold, but not while it is so warm. September perhaps.

'Night all.

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