Friday, March 27, 2009

Perhaps calmer days

Last night, the Barley wine slowed to pushing a bubble out every 3 seconds. This is more like I would expect and I hope it means it is finally calming down. I bought a thermometer the other day and the temperature has staid a steady 62 F in the room containing the fermenter (ok, it is the space under my steps, not really a room). We shall see what unfolds. It is a bit cooler today.

I had a Black Albert last night. This is a new style called Belgian Royal Stout. This stuff is very good chilled and gets better as it warms up. It will also warm the drinker up a bit as it is 13% ABV. It is definitely a sipping stout. Now chugging a funnel of this stuff. The head is the color of brown sugar and very creamy. I will have to look more into this style. It also has hop bitterness at 70 IBU, which is a bit different for a stout. It all balances well at temperature.

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