Saturday, March 28, 2009

Irish Eyes a Smilin'

Today I'm blogging on my wife's MacBook Pro while I am keeping an eye on the boil of the Deep Red Irish Ale. The boil has 17 minutes to go. Irish Moss goes in the pot in two.

So far, the color isn't too red, so I may have to adjust the Crystal malt next time. The color was not out of balance according to BeerSmith, but the extract I use is made by Listermann's and they are not sure of the SRM value. I'll wait to pass judgment till the beer is finished. I guess that the SRM is 8, but it may be darker.

Irish Moss time.

Delivered, including a fork for those eating. 1.5 oz of Fuggles in 3 minutes. I also made taco's during this, so everyone else is stuffing their faces while I watch the brew pot.

I did try the Oatmeal stout last night. At two weeks in the bottle, it needs to age for at least two more. Alcohol is present on the nose and so is a little of hops. The feel is a little better than last week, but the beer is too thin in the malt bitterness and color to be a stout. I will adjust the recipe some the next time I make it. If all goes well, that should be in about 4 weeks.

Fuggles time.

Delivered. Next is Malto Dextrin in 3.5 minutes. Will have to turn heat off and move brew pot to add it. Don't want it burning to the bottom. Having to move the brew pot is a consequence of brewing on an electric stove. The burners don't turn off the instant the nob is turned, so residual heat can burn sugars in the bottom of the pot.

I acquired a Thief today and checked on the barley wine. The SG is now 1.040 which gives about 12.3% from the OG. The fermentation is still going nicely and bubbles out the airlock has slowed down to once per six seconds. The barley wine still smells ok and alcohol is very present on the nose. I can't wait for it to finish.

Had to pause for a moment as I had a slight boil over. I should have left the lid completely off. This does have a tendency to happen as the last few hop pellets go in and they are not in a bag. Waiting now for the wort to return to a boil. Count down timer paused at 7:12.

I am considering a move to full grain. To do so, I need a bit more equipment and know how. There are several sources on-line for building mash tuns out of large chest coolers. I also found a few ideas on making a hop-back. I will have to explore these ideas as time goes on.

Wort nearly back to a boil. Burnt wort really smells bad.

Timer going again.

Once the Malto is in, it will be three minutes till the rest of the Fuggles. Then it is cool down and yeast pitching. I have to clean up some things first and sanitize the sink.

Time for Malto. Boy it didn't want to dissolve. Timer paused again waiting for wort to return to a boil.

The Irish Ale yeast Listermann's had is in a liquid state. It is White Labs brand and comes in what looks like a vial. The item number is WLP004.

Timer going again.

Rest of Fuggles goes in 3 minutes. I also used the leftover 1/2 oz of Willamette at 20 minutes to go. We shall see what results. Now it is time to get everything ready to cool down, get it in the fermentor and pitch the yeast.

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