Thursday, March 26, 2009

Patience is a virtue

The barley wine is still going, but the zealousness of the fermenting in the secondary has finally toned down a bit. The two chamber airlock still has most of the water in it pushed to the release side, but there doesn't seem to be anything being pushed out it. At least no mess to clean up today. There are still bubbles rising and the beer itself is still cloudy. I am going to acquire The Thief device so that I can measure the gravity. This will also give me a chance to smell the beer and make sure it is going alright. I am most curious as to the ABV level.

I'm going to let the primary soak one more day and then let it breathe overnight. I'm not sure when I will make it to Listermann's to get the supplies for the Red Ale, but it should be on Saturday. I have to get this batch going so that I can start planning for version 2 of the Oatmeal stout.

I tried Founders KBS last night. The nose of this beer is something else. One can really smell the coffee, chocolate and the Bourbon from the barrel. I purchased two bottles last week at Jungle Jim's, so I am letting the second one age for a bit more. The bottle is a twist off, so I will not be reusing the it, but it sure does make me want to experiment with oak wood chips in the secondary. Perhaps if I soaked the chips in Bourbon, I could get a similar result. To be clear, the beer does not contain Bourbon, it was just aged in oak barrels that did. The beer was quite smooth and very nice. I will imbibe again.

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