Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Je suis belge

Due to the fires and meetings today, I had too much work leftover tonight to get to racking the black ale. Perhaps tomorrow.

I did get something constructive done during supper and that was a review of New Glarus Imperial Saison. Traditionally brewed as a seasonal refreshing beer, this version kicks up things a few notches. Should one have something sweet before trying this beer, one is best served by cleansing the palette first. The first hit of sourness has a good pucker factor which will be highly enhanced by starting with a sweet and non-neutral tongue.

At the start, sourness greats the nose and it doesn't disappoint. The tip of the tongue gets some of the sour, as well as the alcohol (8.7% ABV). Mid-mouth the malts, yeast and sourness do a nice dance around. There are some fruity flavors in there, especially the apricot. The finish is much like the start with sourness and alcohol. Both linger for quite some time afterward.

This one will have your mouth watering for more.

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