Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Checking the abbey

It is past time for a check of the "It's the Abbey" ale. So, into the freezer a bottle went for 20 minutes.

The area in which I am storing these bottles has been getting a bit warm these days. This is also where I ferment. The temperatures have been reaching 75 F, so the yeast esters are tending higher. The abbey will like that, but we will have to wait and see about the black ale. The latter has finally calmed down again. I hope to check the SG this weekend. I will also need more bottle caps before I tend to it.

Cold, the abbey ale has a nice smell. Hints of banana and clove are on the nose. The tip of the tongue receives the same, with a hint of hops. Mid-mouth, the sweetness kicks in, as does the alcohol bite, which is to be expected from the estimated 9.2% ABV. There seem to be traces of cinnamon in there too. The finish has a slight sour hint, but mostly it is esters and alcohol. There is some residual hop bitterness, but not much.

A few swirls and some warmth later, the experience becomes a bit more intense and alive. The finish adjusts to a bit more sweetness. The yeast esters are more enjoyable and smooth out the alcohol. I feel this beer is ready now, though squirreling some away in a cool, dark place would be a good idea too. Try it now and then again in October.

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