Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sprecher Winter Brew Lager

Next up on the review parade is the Sprecher Winter Brew Lager. This is a seasonal beer and is a sampling from last season's run.

Like most Sprecher beers, this one pours up nice and foamy. The head is a light brown and the body of the beer is dark, very dark. This one falls into the dunkel (dark) bock style, with some added flavors for winter.

Due to the use of German dehusked dark malts, the beer is quite smooth for its dark character. The malty sweetness is noticeable with only a hint of bitterness. On the nose is a combination of malt and hops. The Cascade is the first hop that comes to mind. The crystal and Munich malts dance around the tongue while the carbonation dances. The finish is full with Chinook giving some bitterness. Looking at the website I see there are two other hops in use (Mt. Hood and Tettnanger) that add to the mix. I am not able to distinguish either of those, but I am still relearning to identify the hops by smell and taste.

Overall, this is a good beer and would probably be better enjoyed mid-Winter, as intended. This would go well with a nice Gulaschsuppe and Brotchen, especially after a good day on the slopes. Raise your glass and toast the winter snow.

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