Thursday, June 25, 2009

American Black Ale

The next recipe I am working on is for a winterized version of an American Black Ale. Only one problem, that style doesn't seem to exist. Sure, I've been able to find recipes for Belgian Black Ale and there are several version of Black Lager, but no Black Ale. There are browns, but that's not black. So, what is a black ale? Think of a stout without the roasted malt bitterness and more hops.

"Isn't that a porter?", you may ask.

No, a porter is lighter than the needed color and still has too much malt bitterness. The target is little to no malt bitterness, only malt sweetness and really dark color. The hops and yeast are more of the ale style.

So, I will go about creating this style, if nothing else just to let me explore what I want. Maybe someday it will be a recognized style and no doubt some craft brewer will make a gold medal winning example. I have no delusion that I will get any credit. I will just smile and know I first push the rock.

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