Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Left hand with the right hand

Today I'm trying Left Hand Brewer's Oktoberfest. This bottle was given to me by a friend of mine to try. I like Oktoberfest beer, especially with nice Oktoberfest food.

On the pour, the color is a nice orange with a yellowish head. Cold, the bitterness is high, from malt and hops. At temperature, there is nice sweetness on the nose. On the tip of the tongue, there is a nice mix of sweet and hop bitterness. The two swirl around the tongue mid-mouth to give a delightful dance and good mouth feel. The finish is clean, with the same dance of sweet and bitter. It leaves one wanting another sip or another bit of wurst. Very nice.

The American Pale ale is going along nicely. Perhaps three ounces of hop pellets was too much in the secondary as quite a bit of it is around the top of the carboy. Next time I might try hydrating the hops with the water that I will need to top off after racking. This should help it settle more quickly. It has about 10 days to go before bottling. I have confirmed that its IBU is 110.

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