Thursday, September 24, 2009

Founders Day

Before I forget yet again, I am finally getting to my notes from the Founders tasting at Jungle Jim's. And what better way to write about Founders beer than with 12 ounces of Double Trouble.

Dry Hopped Pale Ale
This one is quite clean at the start and through mid-mouth. The hop presence is light throughout with hops most notable at the end. It is a good pale ale. 6

Typically, I am no fan of fruity beers and this one is no exception. Not nearly as sweet as most cherry beers, but it is sweet. Cherries are present from the nose to finish. It is also sweet from start to finish, but not syrupy. 4

Roasted malt and alcohol are noticeable on the nose. From the tip of the mouth through mid, there is some hop bitterness. There is also some malt bitterness from mid to finish. All in all, a good porter, but not great. 7

Dirty Bastard
A Scottish ale, but which kind? It is ok cold, but like many Scottish ales, it gets better as it gets warmer. Malty sweetness on the nose and some smokey notes. This makes it more of the American variety. Mid-mouth there is smokiness and alcohol. The finish is a good blend of hops and malt. 8

Centennial IPA
One of two IPAs for the evening. This one is hoppy and floral on the nose. Malt and hops dance mid-mouth. The finish is well balanced with little hop bitterness. 8

Red's Rye
Grapefruit and malt on the nose. There is a rye presence mid-mouth, with hops and grapefruit. The finish is similar and there is rye in the drinker's nose afterward. 9

Breakfast Stout
I've had the KBS, which is a different recipe, but I find the ideals of the breakfast stouts. There is coffee and chocolate on the nose. The mid-mouth is smooth. Very nice. There is a presence of coffee beans and chocolate throughout. 10

Double Trouble
The second IPA of the night. Hops are on the nose, as well as, yeast and citrus notes. The malt and hops are high, but well balanced mid-mouth. The finish is hoppy. 10

Old Curmudgeon
The first of the two growlers for the night's tasting. Pour from the taps of the brewery restaurant. The nose is malty and vanilla. Mid-mouth is sweet, with molasses is noticeable. The finish has an alcohol warmth. Awesome. 10+

Hand of Doom
This is a bourbon barrel aged version of Double Trouble and was the second growler. Hops are on the nose. Mid-mouth is sweetness and bourbon. The finish is bourbon. Most excellent. 10++

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