Friday, May 1, 2009

There be barley in me wine

Bottled last Saturday, it was time to do a sanity check on the barley wine. I put one in the fridge this morning to have it properly chilled. I left it out for about 15 minutes to let it warm close to what is required. Also, as I write, I am in listen and watch of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with the fair Anna Friel. In advance I must pray for the forgiveness due me should I start to rhyme or write as of onto Shakespeare.

In the pour, it is shown that the yeast fights against the 13.5% to generate adequate carbonation. What little head it contains is removed quite quickly, with no rise in bubbles thereafter. The color is of caramel and the beer is quite clear and still. The sweetness is a bit high, perhaps due to the honey and the feel is full. Mid month, the alcohol has a nice burn and the finish is a combination of burn and sweetness. Holds promise does this brew and it may require me to raise the price of admission. Time is needed against this lot to judge. The local barley wine snob needs to appraise me of this concoction.

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