Saturday, April 10, 2010

A check on the new stout

After 15 days in primary, I was finally able to move the stout into secondary. The aroma coming from the ferminator was very nice. So far, it seems my choice in beans was correct. A quick check of the specific gravity revealed 1.020 giving just shy of 9% ABV. I am getting good fermination with just rigorous stirring. I cannot wait to see how low they go when the pump and air stone are finally purchased.

As for my first partial mash, things went well. I was not really able to calculate efficiencies, but perhaps next time. More reading is required to understand what I am measuring and how to be sure the measure is correct. Knowing efficiencies is very important when scaling recipes or when using recipes from others.

So, what's next to be brewed? It will have to be the barley wine, this time as a partial mash as well. My brother has offered to help the next time beer is made, so the schedule coordination has become. If some kind soul out there can assist in getting my brew kettle fully converted, it would be a great help in going completely all grain. The first recipe that will be converted is Cluster Fuggles ale.

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